General information on the rental:

so that your trip is done in the best conditions, we invite you to take note of the following information relating to the rental of a vehicle via our website

By providing you with a vehicle, and its Partners undertake to engage you in return under the conditions as defined below.
By accepting the reservation and the rental, you accept all its conditions without exception.
These conditions apply to all bookings that you, as a User, make to our company, on or through our website; therefore, please read the content. Our rental terms and conditions and those of our suppliers contain certain exclusions and limitations of liability.
The reservation you make on our website is subject to the acceptance of our conditions. If you do not agree with any of these conditions, you must not proceed with your booking.
By confirming that you wish to reserve a vehicle through our website, you acknowledge having read, understood and accepted these conditions. If you do not fully understand any of these conditions, or if you have any questions about rental or otherwise, do not hesitate to contact us at
These terms and conditions, as well as the conditions of use of our website, our privacy policy and our security policy are an integral part of the contract concluded with you, the User, as part of the services we provide as car rental provider. Together, they are called “our conditions”.
These conditions apply to each of our contracts as part of our services, to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions.
No act of can not constitute acceptance of any other conditions whatsoever. The acceptance of these services or a signature affixed to any agreement or contract will be considered conclusive proof of your acceptance of these conditions. makes changes to these terms from time to time and you are advised to check our website if any changes are made to you.

Before taking the car:

Before taking possession of the vehicle, the main driver must present himself with a valid ID, his driving license.
The driver must be at least 21 years old and hold a valid driving license. Driving licenses issued by a Member State of the European Economic Area (Member States of the European Union) are accepted, permits issued by a State outside the European Economic Area must be written in French or in English.
All persons driving the vehicle must be in possession of their driving license at all times in case of control by the local authorities. Rentals refused by our Partners due to the non-presentation of the driver's license or the nondivulgation of withdrawal of points or contravention will not be reimbursed.
Please note that an international driver's license is not a substitute for a regular driver's license. If you use an international driving license, a full driver's license will still be required to rent the vehicle.
With some of our Partners, a pre-authorization request corresponding to the deposit can be made with the bank of the User. The User must take his availability near his bank to define its spending limit, which is imputed this pre-authorization.
If the User does not respect the above rules, the Partner will not give him the vehicle.
The User must check in the Specific Conditions of the Partner, the credit cards that are accepted by the Partner, some cards such as Electron cards are not accepted.
The Rental Agreement indicates any apparent damage to the Vehicle, the number of kilometers traveled by the Vehicle and the level of fuel supplied from the rental. Check that the apparent condition of the Vehicle corresponds to that described in the Rental Agreement.
You undertake to draw up a contradictory statement of the apparent condition of the Vehicle if you notice an anomaly not indicated on the Rental Agreement. Compare the number of kilometers and the fuel level on the dashboard with the information on the Rental Agreement. You agree to rectify the Rental Agreement by the Partner in the event of an anomaly.
Check that the copy of the vehicle's registration certificate, the green insurance card and the accident report are in the vehicle.
Our Partners reserve the right to refuse to give back a vehicle to any person considered unfit for driving or who does not fulfill the required conditions. In this case, will not be responsible for the execution of the travel arrangements, any refund or compensation or any other charges that you, the user, will be required to pay. declines any responsibility in case of expenses invoiced following a document signed and accepted locally.

Vehicle use:

You have legal custody of the Vehicle upon delivery and will assume full responsibility, will not be held responsible for driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs, intentional damage, driving out -route and imprudent and inattentive driving …

You agree to take care of the Vehicle and to use it normally and cautiously. Abnormal uses of the Vehicle are considered to include: – the use of the Vehicle that does not comply with its intended purpose (fuel error, clutch failure due to improper use, poor appreciation of the vehicle gauge, traffic despite warnings appearing on the vehicle); the dashboard of the Vehicle, modification made to the Vehicle, etc …), – the traffic outside the motorized roads, – the use of the Vehicle to provide, for a fee, a passenger transport service (eg taxi) or of goods (eg removals or deliveries for a fee), – the transport of flammable, explosive, corrosive or oxidizing materials, – the use of the Vehicle for learning to drive, – the use of the Vehicle in tests , races or motor sport competitions (or their tests) or rally route reconnaissance, – driving the Vehicle under the influence of spirits or narcotics, or drugs or narcotics not medically prescribed, – the subletting of the Vehicle to a third party, – the voluntary degradation of the vehicle. Note that this list is not exhaustive.

In case of breakdown or mechanical problems, you must contact our Partner immediately. Our Partner must give you permission for vehicle repairs and replacements.

In the event of an accident or damage suffered by the Vehicle with identified third party that does not require immediate repair: you must inform our Partner immediately as soon as you become aware of it, and give the agency an amicable report duly completed and signed by yourself and the relevant third party within 48 hours. The delivery of an amicable report completed and signed in case of accident or damage with identified third party, and whether you are responsible or not, is mandatory. Failing this, and except force majeure making it impossible to submit a report within this period, additional insurance and additional protection (“franchise surrender”) possibly subscribed are inapplicable, and Avis will charge you the full amount of damages that you are attributable (in particular those incurred by the Vehicle within the limit of the market value of the Vehicle plus costs and costs related to its immobilization). Keep copies of all the documents you will be asked to complete. You may need it if you want to play the insurance.

In case of theft of the Vehicle: you must immediately inform our Partner, and within 48 hours from the moment you become aware of it, make a declaration of theft to the competent authorities and give the agency the minutes of deposit of complaint, Vehicle papers, keys and any Vehicle anti-theft system.

In case of theft of keys and / or papers with the Vehicle, be sure to report it to the appropriate authorities to indicate it on the complaint filed.

Return of the vehicle:

You must return the Vehicle, its keys and papers, to the agency on the date and time agreed in the Rental Agreement, and in any case during the opening hours of the agency.

You must inform the Partner, as soon as possible, of any event that prevents you from returning the Vehicle at the agreed date or time, under pain of constituting a diversion liable to prosecution.

You must return the Vehicle with the same fuel level as when you rented. If this is not the case, the Partner may charge you a fuel surcharge which will be deducted from your deposit.

We strongly advise you to check the apparent condition of the Vehicle with the agency staff on the return of the rental, and to compare it to that indicated in the Rental Agreement. If the apparent condition of the Vehicle at the return differs from that at the departure, the Partner will charge you for the damage noted (body shocks, missing accessories, …) within the limit of the maximum applicable financial liability (depending on any additional protection that may be taken out) . If you choose not to carry out this contradictory control with the Partner on the return of the Vehicle, you entrust to our Partner the care to realize it alone and accept the findings thus realized, and the billing of the corresponding damages if necessary.

Rental period / Price calculation:

The duration of your rental starts and ends according to the dates of assumption and restitution indicated on your voucher. The price of your rental will be confirmed at the time of booking and will be calculated in 24-hour increments. Unfortunately, can not refund the unused days if the vehicle is returned earlier than expected.

The minimum rental period is 3 days. The time slots are calculated by 24h. Not included in the price, fuel, personal accident insurance (unless otherwise stated in the voucher), personalized services, insurance deductible (unless otherwise stated in the CarHire voucher) .ma), service fees outside normal business hours, garage parking, parking fines and fines, congestion charges, additional driver fees, and charges for younger drivers. optionally.

With some Partners, optional insurance may be offered to reduce or waive the liability of the User. Locally settled surcharges may be subject to a tax.

Except for legitimate and unforeseeable reasons, only the User indicated on the Rental Agreement is authorized to drive the Vehicle. You can add an additional driver, for an extra charge per day. You can validate this option at the time of your reservation. The additional driver must be indicated on the Rental Agreement from the Vehicle

One-way rentals are subject to a surcharge called vehicle abandonment, this surcharge is charged according to the pickup location and the place of return of the vehicle. The amount of this supplement is indicated when you book as a “one-way” fee.

Child seats and other extra amenities are available on request for most destinations, although they are not guaranteed. These accessories are subject to a surcharge payable on our site as options and extras. Any request in this matter must be made at the time of booking.

In most cities, the Partner will offer a delivery service and return of the vehicle to and from your place of residence, subject to a possible supplement. The full address and delivery time must be specified when booking. Please note that deliveries can not be made to private residences. At most airports, you will be picked up upon arrival and your vehicle will be available to you even outside normal business hours. However, this service may be subject to a surcharge, payable directly to our Partner. We will notify you of any charges when you confirm the pick up time in your booking request.

If the arrival of your flight is delayed, causing the vehicle to be picked up outside normal business hours, a surcharge will be charged locally if this service is available. will not be held more responsible if service outside normal business hours is not available; You are therefore recommended to take out independent travel insurance.

Most of our Partners will require a deposit at the beginning of the rental to cover the cost of fuel, liability and other expenses incurred during the rental. A valid credit card will be required in most cases (check with the reservations center); it must be in the name of the main driver. This deposit will be returned upon return of the vehicle provided that the vehicle and options are returned in the same condition as when taking over and in accordance with the fuel policy.

Reservation and cancellation:

The minimum booking is 3 days.

Rental periods are calculated in 24-hour increments.

After taking charge of your vehicle, if you wish to extend your stay or if you risk returning the vehicle late, you must inform the Partner at least 24 hours before, an additional 25% on the daily rate will be charged, which will charge you at the local daily rate (which may be much higher).

Please note that you will not receive a rental contract at the offered rate until your reservation has been confirmed and the payment due is not received. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please note that any contract entered into will be with the person who is currently booking the vehicle, and that all correspondence will be sent to the address indicated, even if the payment of the rental is made by a third party.

In order to avoid confusion, nothing in our terms indicates that a third party can claim benefits or rights.

When you rent a vehicle from our company, you are subject to the terms and conditions of rental imposed by our Partner and the Moroccan laws. You will therefore be subject to both our terms and those of our Partner. declines any responsibility and can not be held responsible in case of loss, damage, modification, delay or change due to civil strife, strikes (including air traffic control strikes) terrorist activities, natural disasters or nuclear, fire or bad weather, unforeseeable technical transport problems, airport or port closures or congestion, cancellation of scheduled flights and financial bankruptcy of airlines.

The general information and terms and conditions stated are correct at the time of going to press. Regardless of how you booked at, it is very important that you understand how and when a contract is formed.


All vehicles are insured for a maximum number of passengers. assumes no liability for the capacity of the vehicle with regard to all passengers and their luggage.

As an indication, refer to the website to find out the capacity of the different categories of vehicles available. can not be held responsible in case of refusal of a rental by our Partner because of the number of passengers in relation to the size of the vehicle.

Individual accident insurance is optional and may already be included in your travel insurance (check before traveling). If you want to take out this insurance, you can pay for it locally when the car is taken over.

The Partial Accident Franchise Surrender Option allows the User to reduce his liability, in relation to the total cost of damages, to a lump sum (where applicable), unless the User has caused the damage. accident intentionally, driving while intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, or through prohibited or neglected driving (for example, driving off-road or subletting to a third party).

The Franchise Partial Surrender Option covers liability in the event of damage to the vehicle or its parts and accessories. Windshields, tires, train, lock replacement, key replacement, and towing fees are not covered by the insurance policy.

Other exclusions may apply, so we recommend that you check with our Partner when picking up the vehicle, as they may vary from one rental company to another.

Protection against theft Partial deductible deductible in case of theft: reduces the liability of the User to a lump sum (if applicable) in the event of theft or attempted theft of the vehicle. Any negligence related to the theft of the vehicle may result in the claimant claiming the full amount of the vehicle from the local supplier.

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