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Can I register multiple cars?

Of course! with the free pack, you can register up to 1 car, start by registering a vehicle to help you understand how the site works, if you want to add more than 1 car, you have to choose a new pack to upgrade your account.

Why can not I see my cars in the search results?

If you are trying to find your car on but you do not see it in the search results, some explanations may be helpful.
Here’s what to check for your ad to be visible:

1-Check that you have selected the dates of availability of your car.
2-Check that you are looking for your car according to the conditions you set (number of days minimum for a rental).

How can I take high-quality photos so that I get more rental requests?

Here are some tips for taking great photos:

Keep it clean: wash your car before taking photos.
-Framing: take a 3/4 shot from the front, a 3/4 shot from the back and one of the inside from the boot.
-Try to fit the whole car into the photo, as photos with too much zoom do not provide a good overview.

How to edit or delete a review?

We try to be fair to both the partner and the client. As a result, reviews can not be edited once published or deleted.
However, in the event that a user leaves a comment that you deem dishonest or unfair, you are able to provide an answer.

How to define my own rental conditions?

To avoid being disturbed by rental requests that do not suit you, you can define the rental conditions of your car, if you do not want to accept rentals less than three days, if you do not like to receive requests last minute rental, you can modify your conditions accordingly.
Customers will enter the dates and times they wish to book before they can access your information.
If a rental does not meet your criteria, the customer will not see your car among the search results.

How do I keep my calendar up to date?

Keep your calendar up to date to ensure you only receive requests when your vehicle is available.
This will stop you being disturbed unnecessarily, and, more importantly, allow you to accept as many requests as possible, helping you move up the search results.

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